Veteran journalist refuses to moderate Istanbul rerun debate

Veteran journalist refuses to moderate Istanbul rerun debate
Date: 10.6.2019 14:00

Veteran Turkish journalist, whom both Istanbul mayoral candidates agreed on to moderate a planned television debate, said on late Saturday he refused the offer since many don't see him as an objective journalist.

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Surprisingly, Binali Yıldırım, the AKP’s mayoral candidate for Istanbul, said on Friday that he would prefer Dündar as the moderator of the planned TV debate between him and the main opposition's candidate Ekrem İmamoğlu. İmamoğlu also said he had "no objection" to Dündar moderating the discussion.
However, the veteran journalist announced that he refused the offer following scores of comments on social media questioning his neutrality. 
"I see that a number of preparations have been made which can harm both candidates and our democracy through my moderation, and therefore, by force of the universal media principles that I have adhered to for 50 years, I would like to announce my decision not to moderate to public with respect," Dündar said.
The ruling party candidate Yıldırım also commented on social media after Dündar's announcement and said he didn't understand the journalist's reasoning.


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