Vets to quit work against violence

Vets to quit work against violence
Date: 20.8.2023 12:00

Veterinarians will go out of business on Monday to draw attention to the violence.

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The Turkish Veterinary Medical Association announced that they have decided to quit their jobs all over Turkey, drawing attention to the rapid increase in cases of violence occurring in all areas of life in Turkey, noting that cases of violence have become unbearable for health professionals and veterinarians.
In the statement made by the Turkish Veterinary Medical Association, it was reminded that veterinarians are in the health services class according to the law and reacted to the fact that veterinarians are outside the scope of the "Violence in Health Law".
"We decided to leave work for one day on Monday for our colleague Veterinarian Ceren Eroğlu, who was subjected to violence while she was doing her medical examination in Ankara, and all our colleagues who were victims of violence, who were battered, stabbed and cut off from their lives," the statement said.


In the statement, which drew attention to the fact that all measures were taken for emergency patients within the scope of the work stoppage, it was stated that all public, universities, municipalities, private practice, polyclinics and hospitals will be closed on August 21, except for emergencies.


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