Vuslat is going to be the hope of oppressed geography

Vuslat is going to be the hope of oppressed geography
Date: 16.8.2018 15:00

The Vuslat Assistance and Solidarity Association cuts off your sacrifice of Al-Adha in Asia and Africa this year, as it is every year does, and carries the sacrificial meats cut off on the feast day to the needy.

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The Vuslat Association is instrumental in the hope that the sacrifice meat that is cut in Islamic ways and hygienic conditions will be consumed, deprived and learned by taking your power of attorney to be delivered to the needy abroad.
While all religious rules are strictly observed during the slaughter, the victims are cut in order by reading the names of the donors under the supervision of the Vuslat Association officials. Each cattle cut is carried out after the order of the owner's name is read. After cutting, the meat that is rested in the cold air depot is separated from the fat and nerves and packaged as 5 kilograms of boneless meat. The packed meats are shocked and frozen and are sent to cold-air vehicles at the centers where the distributions from the cutting centers are to be made. The sacrificial meats in the shocked packages brought to the distribution centers are delivered to the addresses of the pre-determined medrese and needy people without being waited by the Vuslat Association.
After the sacrifice is made, the association is informed by message and calling, and the cuts are transmitted to the donor via message. It does not matter to which institution you give your sacrificial authority. The important thing is to sacrifice for God. Do not forget to sacrifice your videotape, which is your name, no matter which institution is against the negative situations that may arise in the future.
How can I donate for a sacrifice?
Vuslat Association, the price of the sacrifice this year, the price of 500 TL has been determined. You can make your sacrifice donations via web site, account numbers by EFT/money transfer or from the center of the association, you can get detailed information by calling 0212 659 28 80.


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