Wanted: "Exorbitant price"

Wanted: "Exorbitant price"
Date: 28.1.2021 16:00

In recent years, a responsible person has been sought in shelves and counters across the country for the price increases that have been difficult for the citizens.

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According to the statement made by the Ministry of Trade, price developments in the market, especially food and basic necessities, are closely monitored.
As a result of the citizen applications submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and ex officio studies, in order to determine the price increases in food and basic necessities products that do not match the supply-demand balance without damaging the free market economy, with the participation of the Ministry provincial directorates and the Inspection Department in the market, market place, bazaar and wholesale market in 81 cities inspections were carried out.
In this context, 22 thousand 535 products were inspected by the Ministry on the basis of 1674 enterprises in the last week alone. The findings obtained as a result of the inspection will be evaluated by the Unfair Price Evaluation Board and administrative fines from 10 thousand 911 lira to 100 thousand 910 lira for those who are determined to have an unfair price increase after the defenses of the companies, and from 54.555 to 545 thousand 550 lira for those who are determined to engage in stocking activities. will be applied.
Two years ago, the "exorbitant price" inspections for the warehouses, as a result of the high price increases in potatoes and onions, came to the fore again two years later. The Ministry of Commerce has started to carry out inspections for exorbitant price increases in the "market", "market place", "market" and "wholesale markets" in 81 provinces.


On the other hand, under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Justice, Treasury and Finance, Industry and Technology, Agriculture and Forestry, the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) and the Turkish Confederation of Craftsmen and Craftsmen (TESK), producer and consumer organizations, and retail sector representatives. At the meeting of the Evaluation Board held the previous day, it was decided to impose an administrative fine of 3 million 595 thousand TL to 120 companies. The Board decided to impose an administrative fine of 15 million 480 thousand TL in total on 495 companies, which were considered to have made an exorbitant price increase in food and basic necessities. As a result of the inspections, it was determined that there was an exorbitant price increase mostly in vegetable and fruit and basic food products such as sunflower oil, chicken, eggs and flour.


With the call made by the Ministry, audits for the producers of basic consumer goods in 81 provinces, especially in places where sales are made, such as retail sector, market places, wholesale markets, markets, as well as products with exorbitant prices, Treasury and Finance, Agriculture and Forestry under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce. It will be carried out by the inspection and inspection teams of the ministries of Industry and Technology and the municipal police, without harming the free market economy from yesterday. In order to closely monitor exorbitant price increases and stocking activities, inspections will continue uninterruptedly under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce.


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