War trap!

War trap!
Date: 11.2.2020 13:00

The war scenarios that the global system has built behind the scenes are being activated at our border. When our five soldiers were martyred in Syria, the Russians were in Ankara and the Americans were on the road to Ankara...

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Sad news came from Syria, where we had 8 martyrs last week. The civil war in Syria carried out in the 9th Astana Consensus in the second blow to the attack clearly are trying to pull Turkey into the war trap. 
According to the statement made by the National Defense Ministry (MSB), 5 soldiers were martyred and 5 soldiers were injured as a result of the intense artillery shot by the regime forces to our soldiers who were sent to the region in order to prevent conflicts and ensure border security in Idlib.
In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, the following was recorded: "As a result of intense artillery shooting, 5 of our hero gunmates were martyred and 5 of our gunmen were injured. The targets determined in the region were immediately intensely fired with our fire support vehicles, the necessary response was given, the targets were destroyed and the blood of our martyrs was not left on the ground. The developments are closely monitored and necessary measures are taken."


The soldiers who were injured in the attack where 5 soldiers were martyred as a result of artillery fire of the regime forces in Idlib were brought to Hatay State Hospital by a military helicopter.


Regime forces carried out artillery attacks on the newly established Turkish observation point at Taftanaz Airport. 5 soldiers were martyred in the attack, 5 soldiers were injured.


In Idlib, after the attack that martyred 5 soldiers and wounded 5 soldiers as a result of the artillery fire of the regime forces, there was a military helicopter movement on the Syrian border in Hatay. It was observed that 2 'Skorsky' and 1 military helicopters were moving towards the border line in Reyhanlı district of Hatay. It was observed that the helicopter was fully equipped. The helicopters then crossed the border and disappeared.


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