Watermelon being sold in whole, half and quarter

Watermelon being sold in whole, half and quarter
Date: 9.1.2021 11:00

Watermelon, which is one of the indispensable parts of the summer months, takes its place on the counter in the winter months, and continues to be in demand with its 9 lira price, which is not very abnormal.

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It easily finds buyers since watermelons imported from Iran can be sold in whole, half or a quarter.
Grocer manager Mustafa Sütlü stated that the customers were surprised when they saw watermelons on the counter.
Explaining that air temperatures above seasonal normals increase greenhouse production, Sütlü said, "For this reason, products that are summer season find more space on the looms in winter. While it is difficult to find watermelons, which causes pregnant women to crave, in the winter months, it started to appear on the shelves once the weather has not yet reached the level of the winter season. Finding watermelons in winter is no longer as difficult as it used to be. However, to find the best, we are trying to find the quality as if it was in the season, not as we say "hollow". We first taste the taste ourselves so that the product that will go to the customer can be satisfied, we do not buy it without liking it."


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