We are a big family!

We are a big family!
Date: 12.1.2020 13:00

We are a big family. We have put many lives and many memories into the broadcasting life of half a century.

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We came to our work every day believing that coming to work is better than going home in the evening. We didn't have colleagues, we had brothers and sisters. This was the school of Turkish publishing life. We sweat, we shed tears on the headlines a lot... In all positions...
We made our shifts with the motto “Truth has arrived and Falsehood perished,”. It was a great responsibility to be the voice of the ummah. We knew. We worked every day without forgetting this.
There is not much staff circulation under this roof. We see each other more than our family. That's why we're a little upset about the departures. We have a good memory. As we follow the agenda, we keep the hot ones in our minds...


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