We are enough for each other

We are enough for each other
Date: 17.5.2020 16:00

Looking back, our biggest production in recent years seems to have been foreign debt. Even if no one attacks us, we are drifting towards a big stalemate.

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When we look at the debt of our country for the last 20 years, the picture is very clear… When the dollar's fire broke out, the discourse of “somebody is attacking us” and when it falls 20 cents, "We have repelled the attacks," sayings are almost completely meaningless.
Although the fire of the dollar, which climbed up to 7.30, seems to have decreased a little nowadays, it seems inevitable that we have a flu somewhere in the long term.


Turkey, will pay only about $ 175 billion in foreign debt this year. In order to pay the debt, we will have to borrow in dollars. Just to pay foreign debt this year, the dollar is increased by 10 cents, and approximately 600 lira more than 20 million households. In other words, it is not so easy to say that the dollar has increased and decreased. With every increase in the dollar, a slice of bread on our tables decreases. Looking at the first 3 months of this year, 176 billion TL tax was collected. 23 billion TL foreign debt, 43 billion TL domestic debt.


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