We are occupied step by step!

We are occupied step by step!
Date: 1.6.2020 16:00

Tens of laws were passed in the Assembly for the love of the EU, but none of them was as devastating as the Istanbul Convention.

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The effects of the contract also spread to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled that a mother who divorced her husband and took custody of her child could give her own surname to her child.
Our traditional family structure has been destroyed first with the Istanbul Convention, and now we are rapidly dragging towards ineptness. This contract, which seemed innocent and sheltered behind the woman, targeted the woman first, divorces increased, marriage rates decreased, many families were destroyed. We will protect the woman! When he said, he couldn't protect the mother and he ignored the father. Now, those who have washed our families have looked at our “children” for our future. While the family is the strongest and most sheltered fortress of the society, the pen is occupied from the inside. The final indications of this are the decision of the Supreme Court to ignore the father who will constitute a precedent and the court's punishment on Ramazan Pişkin Hodja's “women's declaration”.


Family assessing Turkey Istanbul Convention and the President of the Assembly of our newspaper the decision of the Supreme Court of Adam Agile, "global evil powers parentless, sexless, wants an immoral society. The judiciary is a tool for this. After an immoral and sexless society, the button has now been pressed for a genetic society. They play with nerve endings to spread to the capillaries of the nation. Changing the surname of the child taken from the father in the Supreme Court decision is against our belief and fit. The decision is nothing more than to fight the fitra and society. The child is already free to change his last name after the age of 18. However, with this decision, changing the surname of the child is to break the relationship with the father and to break the child from his father. Not showing the child to the father, changing the surname causes violence in the society. Custody should either be given to the father or be common custody as in universal legal rules. Decisions taken on the family invite the murder and murder. The judiciary against the demilitarization operation of the evil forces should now be with the nation. The manifestation of the national will, the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM), should say stop it now.”


Lawyer Yurdal Kılıçer, who evaluated the decision of the Supreme Court to our newspaper legally, said, “This decision of the Supreme Court poses a great risk in four respects. Firstly, he walks from the father of nesep in Turkish society. The father determines the object and sequence of the child. His surname is the biggest determinant of this object. This decision taken by the Supreme Court is a decision against the custom, tradition and culture of the society. Latter; This decision of the Supreme Court is in violation of Article 4 of the Surname Law and even the decision taken by the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court gives the woman the right to give her child her own surname only on the condition that her divorced wife dies and the woman does not marry again. Third; The Supreme Court argues that the child's interests are respected in the decision taken. However, the decision will cause more harm to the child.”
Reminding that there is no surname practice in Islamic law and that the child is called by combining it with his father's name, Theologian Writer Abdülaziz Kıranşal said, “The surname application was put into practice with the Surname Law No. 2525 issued on June 21, 1934. In Islam, the child is called, known and recognized in proportion to his father. The 5th Verse of Ahzab commands this to the people. In a country where it is not possible to regulate the child according to the principles of Islamic law, which makes it necessary to be attributed to his father, the surname application is important in terms of informing the father and the family to whom the child will be treated, and for the protection of family ties. Because this practice is at least an evidence in terms of knowing which family the child belongs to and the identity of his father.”


Kıranşal said, “Islam definitely does not allow practices that will prevent the preservation of the generation, break kinship ties and prevent the separation of the lineage. The widespread practice of the child carrying a surname other than his own father carries great risks in terms of violating these issues of great importance to Islam.”


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