We are preparing to rule the country

We are preparing to rule the country
Date: 8.3.2021 14:00

Felicity (Saadet) Party Youth Branches, Provincial Directors Meeting was held in Ankara with the slogan "Step by Step A New World".

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Felicity (Saadet) Party Youth Branches held the monthly Provincial Presidents Meeting with the slogan "Step by Step A New World".
Members of the youth branches headquarters and provincial heads gathered at the party headquarters, evaluated the work done and revealed their targets for the next month.
Addressing young people from all over the country at the meeting, Saadet Party Konya Deputy and Head of Youth Branch Abdulkadir Karaduman stated that they were happy to be able to hold a face-to-face meeting after a long time.


Stating that since the quarantine was declared throughout the country, they have continued to hold their meetings in digital environment and restarted face-to-face meetings with the controlled normalization process, Karaduman, "Can those who curse and trouble readers hold 83 million together because of the political preferences of their citizens?" he asked.
Karaduman emphasized that Saadet Party members are trying to unite the country, but that the AK Party and MHP continue to stretch and polarize the country.
"Yes, our country has bitter truths. However, we also have the belief and staff to overcome these difficulties. We, as staff of Saadet; we are preparing to rule the country," he added.


"Today, many of our university graduates cannot find qualified employment and perform their profession. A politics that considers trade vitality through university students cannot solve any job. There is a shortage of 138 thousand teachers, 700 thousand graduates are waiting to be appointed. But only 20 thousand appointments were given. Why do you open so many schools, why don't you make appointments, why are our young people staying at home, why are there unassigned teacher classes? Our young friends, YKS, KPSS, YDS, TUS, district governorship, judgeship and so on. they pay a lot of money for exams. They pay 2 and 3 salaries to their relatives, but they see a job for young people. They give million dollar auctions to their relatives, they see the current minimum wage for our citizens too much, and they say, without shame, that a house and a car are bought with that minimum wage. Such shamelessness can only be in the period of one party, yes, it only happens in the period of one party," he said.


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