We can't proceed on the table

We cant proceed on the table
Date: 20.8.2019 11:00

The government's “half” improvement was not accepted by the civil servants.

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The government increased the offer to raise salaries of civil servants and retirees by 4 + 4 per cent for 2020 and to 3 + 3 per cent for 2021.
Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın said that the second proposal cannot be accepted and said, "We do not see the proposal as appropriate for negotiation and negotiation. Our current position is far from compromise and contract signing. We cannot proceed at the table regarding the demands of the service branches. It should be known that we will not avoid using the civil disobedience option", he said.
At the end of the 5th Term Collective Bargaining Negotiations between the government and civil servant unions, the government announced its second proposal at midnight. 
Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, the government's first raise to the officer in 2020, 3.5 + 3 percent for the year 2021, 3 + 2.5 percent for the year, she announced. 
4 + 4 percent for the year 2020 bid offer, 3 + 3 percent for 2021 was increased. Memur-Sen Confederation, which is the authorized union at the collective bargaining table with 11 service branches, announced that they do not accept this figure.
8 + 7 per cent increase for 2020, 3 per cent welfare share, 6 + 6 per cent increase for 2021, 2 per cent welfare share, demanding a rise in the base pension of 200 TL, President Ali Yalçın, "We care about the figure. For this reason, we gathered our Board of Presidents and made our evaluation regarding the proposal within the framework of common reason and common attitude last night. We do not consider the proposal submitted within the scope of the evaluation as appropriate for negotiation and negotiation since it does not include sufficient raise rates", he said.


Yalçın stated that the proposal submitted by the Board of Presidents was not considered suitable for reconciliation and negotiation due to the lack of sufficient raise rates and that the table should be used until the end of its capacity to produce results and solutions. "The current point is far from the level of reconciliation and contract signing", said Yalçın. 
"The developments at the table will determine what will happen in the field. We have never forgotten that we have goals and responsibilities such as defending the rights of public officials, observing the law, increasing their salaries and raising their salaries, and no one should forget", he added.


Ali Yalçın warned of “civil disobedience if a proposal was not presented to satisfy public officials:
"Despite all our efforts, the Public Employer Delegation and the Government insist on proposals, which means preferring to victimize instead of satisfying public officials, and if they do not change, they will be able to demonstrate that we have all the legal civil disobedience and civil initiative to prove that we have the necessary organized power to leave the field by negotiation. It should be known that we will not avoid using", he warned.


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