We discuss the execution in Turkey

We discuss the execution in Turkey
Date: 6.9.2020 12:00

While our country has tons of problems, the execution issue is still being discussed in Turkey...

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After the unexpected execution statements from MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli, the number two of the state, Mustafa Şentop, the President of the Parliament, added a new dimension to the debate by saying, "I believe that the death penalty should be found only for certain crimes". 
Yesterday, another statement came from the management level of the ruling party. Cahit Özkan, AKP Group Deputy Chairman, announced that they have to do what is necessary in the Parliament if the citizen demands the death penalty.
It is necessary to legislate, not to speak
Upon asking the President of the Assembly Mustafa Şentop, who participated in the discussions and who is also a lawyer, about the opinions of "MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli" on the reinstatement of the death penalty, "I believe that the death penalty should be found only for certain crimes. This issue needs to constitutional amendments in Turkey in order for the penalty, there is also Turkey is a party to the European supplementary protocols on the Convention on Human Rights, must be made on the assessment related, our Parliament appreciate it. "It is an issue that needs to be discussed and discussed."
Unemployment and the economy have been forgotten! Attention drawn to death penalty
The dollar rose to 7.44, again setting a record. While TURKSTAT declares the inflation as 11.27, it is stated that the real inflation is above 30 percent. Unemployment went away. According to unofficial figures, it is stated that the number of unemployed has reached 9 million.
Pandemic period, the economy shrank in many countries, while Turkey's economy shrank 9.9. Even this downsizing was welcomed by the government! The government, which is deeply cornered in terms of economy, is gradually losing points in the pandemic. Due to tourism, the government, which started to normalize on June 1, could not prevent the doubling of the number of cases. While over 500 thousand over the number of cases in Turkey, the number went up to the death of 50 bands. It is stated that the government, whose policies attracted great reaction from the public, put the death issue on the market over Bahçeli in order to divert attention.


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