We eat the bread of cheap wheat!

We eat the bread of cheap wheat!
Date: 1.12.2019 14:00

Because it is 17 Turkish Liras cheaper than the other, bread is produced from the coarse wheat.

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Turkey in recent years become a growing problem in cases of imitation food, yet also a cheap mentality was added to bring matters worse. Although it does not seem to be a problem on paper, cheap food is a danger. President of the Antalya Chamber of Bakers Mustafa Ince, "the bread produced in unlicensed ovens mostly made from coarse wheat, said that these breads in 3 hours stale, 6 hours has become invincible," he said.


Antalya Chamber of Bakers President Mustafa Ince, "105 million out of 270 bakeries producing 1 million 200 thousand bread per day in the city, unlicensed, despite the initiatives for the last 5-6 years said they could not get results."
İnce stated that the license required for the production of bakery products and bread is different. "Bread and bread types cannot be removed where bakery products are available. There is a square meter criterion, physical location and conditions for obtaining a license. Bread production has a requirement of 250 square meters, while bakery products have a requirement of 80-90 square meters. Unlicensed ovens produce uncontrolled bread with a bakery license."


Noting that the 50-pound sack of flour used in bread making is 115 liras, İnce stated that the bread produced in unlicensed ovens is mostly made of broken wheat, which is defined as a coarse wheat, and said: "This flour is 17 liras cheaper than the other. Of course, additive is also added to produce bread from this flour. It is a kind of doping to flour made from feed wheat."


Normal flour made in 16 and 18 hours of bread stale attention that stale, the additive bread is stale within 3 hours, 6 hours told us that it has become unbeatable. 
İnce, "So when there is no problem in the appearance of bread. Citizen certainly can not distinguish. But this bread is very different from the inside. The inside should not stick when you press a normal bread. The inside of the bread with additives is dough. Sticks when you press. Because there is no pore in the bread," he said.


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