We got into the discussion and we forgot the virus

We got into the discussion and we forgot the virus
Date: 3.4.2020 11:00

The aid campaign, which was organized to protect from the economic effects of the coronavirus, came before the coronavirus and became the first agenda.

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President Erdogan in his previous 'State of the Union' speech, "We are enough for each other Turkey" announced the aid campaign with the slogan, unfortunately has become the first item on the agenda. With the freezing of the accounts of the municipalities that started the aid campaign before Erdogan's call and a post-circular aid ban on these municipalities, the number of deaths and positive cases continues to increase while the agenda of politics becomes a "campaign".

"STAY HOME TURKEY" GONE "We are enough for each other" CAME

The coronavirus epidemic, which has taken the whole world by storm and has been compared to the First World War by the rulers of many countries, was first seen on March 11 in our country. The number of cases in our country reached 18 thousand 135 in a short time after that day. The death toll rose to 356. The fact that 601 of those who got the virus were healthcare workers also increased the concerns. Such a "life-and death" while living in the days of 'home stay in Turkey slogans were pushed aside, "We are enough for each other," in a fight with the slogan...
The previous day, while the President of the Ministry of Internal Affairs commented on the blocking and banning of municipalities in aid accounts as “there is no state within the state”, the presidents of 11 municipalities who started the aid campaign previously announced that they would go to court with a joint declaration.
The Minister of the Interior, the name at the heart of all these discussions, listed the reasons for the ban on a TV channel. The eyes of the people were in the number of cases and deaths to be made by the Minister of Health. In the "last minute" bands of the TVs, the number of cases first and then the amount of the aid money collected returns ... The numbers collected were explained ...


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