We got stuck in the snow!

We got stuck in the snow!
Date: 20.1.2022 12:00

The snowfall, which was effective in Turkey's Gaziantep province, turned into a nightmare for the citizens due to the inadequate measures of the municipality.

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Citizens who stayed on the roads for more than 15 hours would have a difficult night due to hunger, thirst and cold.
Samil Tayyar, former Gaziantep deputy of the AK Party, could not remain indifferent to the disgrace.
Tayyar, from his social media account, "Preliminary measures were insufficient, and it is necessary to account for this and learn lessons," he said.
Gaziantep Governor Davut Gül, regarding those who were stranded due to snowfall, "1,780 vehicles and 2,800 citizens were rescued," he said.


Stating that the work in the region continues, Gul stated that food aid is provided to the citizens staying in the region.
Stating that the roads opened due to the blizzard may be closed, "We were able to refer 186 people to the hospital. The health system worked perfectly in that respect. We did not have a single citizen who had to go to the hospital but could not go to the hospital. There are vehicles on the road and we do not know exactly how many people are in the vehicles. 1,780 vehicles were rescued, 2,800 citizens were rescued as of 10:00 am. We think that many more are on the way. This is an estimated figure. Our citizens will be saved when the rest of the road is opened to traffic in 3-4 hours," Gül said.
Kilis-Gaziantep highway was closed to traffic due to heavy snowfall. Due to the snowfall in the city since yesterday, approximately 30 vehicles were stranded on the 25th kilometer of the Kilis-Gaziantep highway. A light commercial vehicle and a truck slipped and fell into the stockade.


In the statement made by Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD), "Due to the heavy snowfalls throughout the country, transportation disruptions and accidents were experienced in Bolu, Gaziantep, Malatya, Kahramanmaraş, Artvin, Diyarbakır, Bingöl and Osmaniye. The works of the Highways, Gendarmerie, Municipality, Special Provincial Administration, Turkish Red Crescent and General Directorate of Emergency Health Services (UMKE) teams have been continuing uninterruptedly since last night, under the coordination of AFAD, in order to deliver aid to our stranded citizens and to open the closed roads," it was stated.


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