We have to establish the Islamic Peace Force: Dr. Abdülaziz Kıranşal

We have to establish the Islamic Peace Force: Dr. Abdülaziz Kıranşal
Date: 16.5.2024 11:00

Malatya İnönü University Knowledge and Virtue Community organized a conference titled "What is Palestine to Us?", in which the theologian Dr. Abdülaziz Kıranşal, a writer for Milli Gazete, attended as a speaker.

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Malatya İnönü University Knowledge and Virtue Community, organized a conference titled "What is Palestine to Us?"
Students, academicians and citizens showed great interest in the conference, in which theologian Dr. Abdülaziz Kıranşal, a writer for Milli Gazete, attended as a speaker.
At the conference, which drew attention to the just struggle of the Palestinian people and the genocide that has been taking place in Gaza since October 7, the duties of Muslims in this process were discussed.
Emphasizing the 'spirit of resistance' throughout his speech, Kıranşal gave important information about Zionism.


Milli Gazete writer and theologian Dr. Abdulaziz Kıranşal stated that HAMAS and Al Qassam Brigades remind Muslims of something again.
"Mujahideen in Gaza remind us that Islam is not an ideology to be defended, but a religion to be lived. When we look at how the mujahideen resisting in Gaza, the Qassam Brigades, struggle and how they achieve this stance, we see that behind this is the prayers performed with awe and in congregation. Again, we see the Quran read with great awe. We see the remembrance of Allah. In other words, we witness that Islam is lived through family life, kinship relations, and neighborly relations. It is not possible to fight against Zionist Israel with only condemnation and only words. Do you remember the last time you took a lesson from the verse and command of the Quran, "Take a lesson, O people of understanding"? Kıranşal asked.


Kıranşal pointed out the silence of Muslim country rulers against the global power of Zionism.
"Do you remember, when the first bomb attack took place, when the Şifa Hospital was bombed for the first time, how the imperialist countries in the world stood behind Israel. Where were our fifty-seven Islamic countries at that time? He was condemning. He was making a strong condemnation. They met again this week. Again, they condemned him very harshly. However, if they oppress us with bombs, missiles and bullets, you can only retaliate with bombs, missiles and bullets. United Nations, European Union, NATO, UNESCO, UNICEF, FIFA, UEFA, NBA, World Bank, IMF, interest-based economic system, military system. Zionism, with a magnificent worldwide system, is attacking Muslims and attacking Gaza. For God's sake, can we be successful against this magnificent system just by holding a conference?" Kıranşal said.


Reminding Erbakan Hodja's fight against Zionism, Kıranşal said, "May God have mercy on him. There was a verse in Surah Anfal to which our teacher Necmettin Erbakan dedicated his life. Our Lord says in that verse, 'The unbelievers are friends and help each other. If you do not help each other like them, there will be great discord on earth and you will be defeated.' How can the unbelievers help each other, right? Fifty-seven Islamic countries and two billion Muslims must obey our Lord's command and cooperate. If they have a NATO, we have to establish the Islamic Peace Force. If they have UNESCO and UNICEF, we need to establish the Organization of Islamic Cultural Cooperation. If they have a system of interest-based exploitation, we also need to establish an interest-free economic system. If they have dollars and euros, we have to implement the Islamic dinar. What does our teacher Erbakan say? 'Implementing the Islamic dinar is more dangerous for the Zionists than the atomic bomb.' Only in this way can we fight against them."


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