We must coalesce for Idlib

We must coalesce for Idlib
Date: 17.1.2020 12:00

Cansuyu Solidarity Association President Mustafa Köylü, made statements about Idlib.

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Cansuyu Assistance and Solidarity Association President Mustafa Köylü, held a press conference over process in Idlib and developments in the region.
Emphasizing that blood and tears prevail from all over the world, Köylü said that the greatest humanitarian crisis of the last period was experienced in Syria. Peasant, Russia, America and noting that continued destruction of a process between the regime forces, fleeing from the carnage and destruction of hundreds of thousands emigrated to the border with Turkey.
We Reached Hundreds of Thousands of Innocent People
"Cansuyu Association is always with the Syrians, now we have rolled up our arms to cover the wounds of our brothers living in Idlib just beyond the border. Since the beginning of the war in Syria in 2011, our activities in the region continue uninterrupted. With the recent attacks, we have intensified our aid in Idlib and sent over 250 tons of aid in the last week. In the last quarter of 2019, we delivered our 8 trucks aid convoy consisting of 200 tons to the needy. In the last 3 months, we have delivered 450 tons of humanitarian aid to the crisis areas. Our teams continue to meet the urgent needs of our oppressed brothers, such as dressing, warming and food. Within the scope of emergency humanitarian aid, we delivered hundreds of thousands of needy blankets, winter boots, winter clothing, food stores with basic foodstuffs, ready meals and hot meals. We also took 135 tons of flour from here and made bread there and distributed them warmly to tens of thousands of brothers. In addition to our humanitarian assistance, we need to focus on the tent-building process in the coming period," he added.


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