We need to establish fair order hand in hand

We need to establish fair order hand in hand
Date: 16.6.2019 12:00

One of the long-standing 'Justice and Brotherhood Conferences', which was held by the National Opinionist Organizations (MILKO), was held in Kartal, Istanbul.

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In the conferences organized by MILKO who work for the replacement of the inequality and oppression in the world, the importance of 'Rights, Justice and Brotherhood' is reminded again. 
The tenth of the Rights, Justice and Brotherhood Conferences, which were held with the participation of the citizens, was held in Kartal Bülent Ecevit Culture Hall. 
Oguzhan Asilturk, Chairman of the High Advisory Board of the Felicity (Saadet) Party, Deputy Chairman of the Felicity Party and the Secretary General of MILKO Ilyas Tonguc, Chairman of the Association of Teachers of Consciousness (ÖĞDER), President of the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) and National Youth Foundation (MGV) Salih Turhan, Editor-in-Chief of the Milli Gazete and MEDYADER Chairman Mustafa Kurdaş, A New World Businessmen Association (YENİAD) Chairman Selman Esmerer, Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Chairman Dr. Abdullah Sevim and AGD Istanbul Branch President Yunus Genç participated in the program.
Felicity Party High Advisory Board Chairman Oguzhan Asiltürk pointing to the importance of the Justice and Fraternity Conference, "Today should be a people's siblings together in Turkey, while this leave the sense of brotherhood, we see almost behave like enemies. So we wonder what we can do, how we can make this mistake with our hearts. Our goal is to give people a sense of brotherhood. All we strive to do is to tell people what we know in sweet language. Nobody does this except for us. Yes, Turkey is heading towards a deadlock in the fighting environment. We must move away from polarization. If you still have polarization would be the polarization in Turkey. The solution is to establish a just order giving hand in hand all over Turkey. Only National Opinionists do this. Our duty is to try to establish this fair order," he said.
Saying that there are two basic issues of youth and humanity, AGD and MGV President Salih Turhan said, "The first one is to engage in superstitions. Erbakan always reminded our teacher, the Imam Shafi, always saying, ‘Superstition does not engage with the truth. Most of our young people use smartphones and they all have social media. Unfortunately, Muslims did not do this, and those who do it know what we are doing and what we are not doing. The second is technology. Today the West controls us with technology. They are especially busy with these children and games and poisoning them. Unfortunately, our children commit suicide with these games. Therefore, our prayer, Allah show the truth as the truth, the western as the superstitious. Here they are trying to show us as western rights. Let's stay away from this," he said.
Stating that if the society does not improve, no one will live as he wishes, not everyone is an angel. Who will save them, we will organize the lessons of consciousness. Forget politics, power everything, now the matter here is to save the Hereafter. We'll warn our brother when we see a mistake. We will go our way, we will tell the right no matter who. There is the National Vision to allocate brotherhood at a time when society is so depressed. Beautify your brotherhood with the people you live with. A constant right and superstition struggle continues on the earth. Those who hold the right have established a civilization. All the societies that succumbed to their ego have perished," he said.
Mustafa Kurdaş, the Editor-in-Chief of the Milli Gazete and the President of MEDYADER; "Throughout the history of Islam, Muslims have faced three major attacks. The first was the Mongol invasion. It was an attack with a soldier and a gun. The second was the Crusades. Attacks with soldiers and weapons. The third is the colonialism of imperialism, which has been going on for 150 years. This is very different from the other two. Under the other two, Muslims have managed to rise in time. But for the last 150 years we have been forced to stand under both colonial arms and western colonialism. This is the result of the media order, mass media, and the vulnerability of people's minds and hearts. We lost the war the day we looked like enemies," he said.


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