We need to increase our numbers for more gains

We need to increase our numbers for more gains
Date: 26.9.2021 14:00

Civil servant retirees need a strong structure to solve their economic problems. Retired Memur-Sen labour union started a new study to be the pioneer of this.

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Memur-Sen Chairman Ali Yalçın, stated that retirees also benefit from the collective agreement, but despite this, their membership to the unions they were members of before retirement did not continue, and that this contradiction should be eliminated.
In his speech, Yalçın said, "What is important for us is that this mass organizes and decides to unionize. I believe that if we show a movement on the field and carry out activities in the name of organization, it will have a snowball effect. If we can set the agenda with a core team, we can achieve this goal. In other words, if we want to make more gains on behalf of retirees, we will raise our voice first on the field and then at the table. Someone needs to pave the way and make history."


Retired Memur-Sen labour union Chairman Ali Küçükkösen stated that it is necessary to focus on member studies, "We have been fully organized in 81 provinces, and the organizations continue in districts. Unionism is a field of practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Our aim is to enlarge Memur-Sen and its struggle, to make a strong contribution to this struggle, and to place Retired Memur-Sen on the agenda of Turkey. We have the potential of 2 million. The number of our members shows us that we need to work harder. We need to make more efforts to increase the number of our members," he said.


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