We owed to America

We owed to America
Date: 18.10.2018 14:00

Turkey, "borrowing from abroad" ... most interested in outcomes came from the United States ...

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The Treasury and the Ministry of Finance issued bonds in international capital markets in order to borrow from abroad. In total, more than 250 investors were interested in the issue, 60% of the bond was sold in the US and 23% was sold to investors in the UK. The essence of the word; Turkey, the United States whether the high interest bond money, imported money as debt!
In a written statement from the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the details of the results of the December 2023 bond issuance in dollars, which were realized within the framework of the 2018 external financing program, took place. Deutsche Bank, land GoldmanSachs and SocieteGenerale have been authorized for the issuance of bonds. The issuance amount will be entered into accounts on 23 October, stating that 23 the coupon rate of 23 December 2023 was 7.25% and the return on investor was 7.5%.
Treasury and Finance Ministry statement, issued bonds to more than 250 investors, stated that showed demand more than three times the issue amount, "Bonds, 60 percent of US, 23 percent in Britain, other European countries, 11 percent, 5 percent of Turkey and 1 percent were sold to investors in other countries.


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