We sold the factories, opened the tents

We sold the factories, opened the tents
Date: 10.2.2019 14:00

"State does not built and operate factories" mentality left no factories in the country. The last sold was sugar factories.

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While our country is experiencing one of the most severe economic crises in its history, the increase in food prices has affected the citizens. Unable to withstand the reaction, the ruling government has ignored the calls for production for many years, and now it has taken action to sell vegetable fruits in the city centers. First looms started to be established in Ankara. Lastly, despite all the reactions in the past months, over half a decade of sugar factories were sold and a heavy blow to agriculture was hit.
Giresun Wholesale Market Fruit and Vegetable Brokers Association President Aydin Karakuz, the new state law, the supply of fruit and vegetable prices by evaluating their work and demand that determines the broker in the region as well as production, as long as their elimination in Turkey said it would not be changing anything.
The New State Law will not increase production, Karakuz said. The producer will be sold as much as they can. Prices depend on supply and demand. We are supplying vegetables and fruits from the brokers in the producer regions. As long as brokers in the producer regions are not removed, nothing will change. These are the brokers who set the actual prices. Because when we want goods as the state trades, the prices are kept high if the market needs more goods. Otherwise, disabling the tradesmen by establishing companies in the New State Law will not lower the prices. Only people who are working will be unemployed. Monopolization will be in question.
Giresun Store Director İsmail Durhan, who claims that the consumption of cheap consumption is the most ample production, new agricultural policy should be determined and incentives should be provided to increase production. The cure for cheap consumption goes through abundant production. In the New State Law, municipalities are disabled. Stores will be left to joint stock companies under the scope of privatization. However, this situation does not pave the way for cheap consumption. However, there are worries about the current tradesmen and those working in these enterprises will be unemployed.
Folk Vegetables, which is established at 15 points of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, will start selling products on Monday. In the capital, at the 30-point sales point, especially expensive products tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, onion, pumpkin and potato are expected to take place.
In the mentioned areas, a mobile bus, 2 trucks and 12 square meters of 32 square meters will be served. 30 points in the capital, especially expensive products tomato, cucumber, eggplant, pepper, onion, pumpkin and potatoes are expected to take place.


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