We stood up and shouted: Jerusalem belongs to Islam

We stood up and shouted: Jerusalem belongs to Islam
Date: 10.2.2020 12:00

Get millions of greetings from Istanbul to Jerusalem! The torch of the global intifada was burned.

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The heart of the Islamic Ummah and Jerusalem lover beat yesterday in Istanbul. At the Great Jerusalem Rally, attended by 60 non-governmental organizations and many political party representatives, the terrorist state Israel and its patron US were coursed, and it is said that the so-called century agreement was null and void.
Saadet Leader Temel Karamollaoğlu said in his speech, "Today we are here for Jerusalem. We are here for Masjid al-Aqsa. We are here for Gaza, West Bank, Ramallah. We are here for the free Palestine, whose capital is Jerusalem. Just Jerusalem? Is it just Palestine? Of course no. We are here for our martyrs. We are here for all the oppressed of the earth. We are here for Idlib, for East Turkestan, for Arakan. Today we are burning the torch of the global intifada against racist imperialism in Istanbul, Yenikapi."


Karamollaoğlu explaining the importance of Palestine and Jerusalem for Muslims; "O tyrants, O Zionists, O racist imperialists! Palestine is an everlasting Islamic resort and will remain so forever. Everyone should know this. Because in this square, there are grandchildren of those who personally wrote the history, not those who did not act racist imperialism. In this square, there are those who follow the path of Saladin Eyyubi and Sultan Fatih," he added.
Musa Aqqari, Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement Jerusalem Officer, in his speech at the rally, "Our missiles, rockets maybe only reach Tel Aviv. But these rockets defend Aqsa and protect Muslims under pressure all over the world. We will either live as free people or we will fade like trees. I'm screaming from here; The Agreement of the Century has fallen as of today and it is null and void," he said.
Hüda-par General Chairman İshak Sağlam:
"Palestine should be considered a state. If Palestine is in peace, the whole world will be in peace. The only reason for corruption in Islamic countries is the seed of Zionism. Let's get together on the Palestinian issue. If Palestine does not rest in peace, Istanbul, Damascus and Baghdad cannot be in peace," he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, "I'm very happy to be at this rally organized by Saadet Party. Last week, the two countries announced a plan. According to them, they called the plan they explained, the plan of the century. At the same time, peace was mentioned in this plan. But in the announcement of the plan, there was no Palestine planned. In other words, America and Israel wrote themselves and played themselves. Those who really want peace cannot reach peace where Palestine is not. At the same time, the reason we gathered here is not because we are politically present. This case is for anyone with a mind and conscience. We will continue to shoulder the oppressed Palestinian people, to establish their own sovereign state, to oppose the so-called peace plan, to support Palestinians. We will oppose this plan all together," he said.


Kılıçdaroğlu, "Jerusalem was a place where all religions lived freely throughout the Ottoman Empire. For us Muslims, Jerusalem is sacred, it is our first string. Jerusalem must be a city of peace. Jews fought with the Muslims against the Crusader mentality. Today we are faced with the Crusader mentality of our age," he said.


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