We went back 16 years! From 2018 to 2012!

We went back 16 years! From 2018 to 2012!
Date: 6.11.2018 15:00

The October inflation figures, which were announced yesterday, increased again compared to the previous month and the highest since 2003. Thus, Turkey had gone back 16 years.

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The inflation figures, which took place in the 29 percent of the day when the AKP took over, have reached 26 percent again in its 16-year period alone.
Dr. Aziz Konukman speaking to our newspaper and said that the figures were appalling, “The 23.5 percent revision of the Central Bank will be exceeded. This means that the New Economy Program's 2018 targets will collapse, and that the fight against total inflation will be in vain. The food prices also took his head took off. Employees are getting poor, purchasing powers have fallen," he said.
The highest increase in CPI was observed in the household goods group with 37.92 percent year-on-year. This was followed by 32 percent of transport, with 31.5 percent of various goods and services, with 29.26 percent of food, followed by housing with 25.72 percent.
According to the official figures, while the number of unemployed people increased by 1 million people in 2002, our household debt, which was 6,7 billion liras in 2002, reached 574 billion liras in 2018. Turkey's gross external debt in 2002 was 467 billion dollars to 130 billion dollars in 2018. The ratio of the external debt stock to the national income also exceeded the 50 percent limit in 2017 and reached 53.3 percent.
Inflation is the record-breaking record. Inflation, which was 24.52 percent annually, broke the record for last 16 years in September and broke a record in October and became 25.24 percent. Figures showing the increase in inflation when returning to Turkey in 2002, falling purchasing power of citizens were stranded waist. The increase in inflation, which is expected to increase in November and December, is already suggesting a citizen. Professor Dr. Aziz Konukman and Professor Dr. In his statements to our newspaper, Esfender Korkmaz evaluated the record increase in inflation and what would happen.
There are 4 categories that we call core inflation,“ said Konukman. Price increases are not structurally, but structurally. Excise taxes (such as Stamp Duty, Environment and Cleaning Tax) will increase with the revaluation rate. A single Property Tax will increase by half the level as required by law. All fines, including traffic fines, will all increase with the rate of re-evaluation. But if the President wants to discount these areas. The domestic producer price increase in October last year is 14, while it will be 23.73 this year. In January, these hikes will come as rain. These increases are unacceptable in the period when inflation is rising and the economy is stopped. The President should be involved.


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