We will never leave Gaza alone: Anatolian Youth Association

We will never leave Gaza alone: Anatolian Youth Association
Date: 10.6.2024 10:00

Anatolian Youth Association Istanbul Branch organized a march with wide participation in Istanbul yesterday to support the Palestinian resistance.

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Hundreds of organization members and citizens participated in the program organized by the Anatolian Youth Association (AGD) under the title "We Will Never Leave the People of Gaza and the Palestinian Resistance Alone".


Members of the AGD Istanbul Branch, who have raised awareness about the massacres of Zionist Israel in Palestinian lands by organizing many programs since the beginning, reacted to Israeli terrorism by marching from Fatih Mosque to Saraçhane yesterday after the afternoon prayer.
In addition to AGD Istanbul Branch President Mehmet Yaroğlu and board members, hundreds of organization officials from AGD Istanbul district administrations participated in the march with their families.


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