We will not undertake crazy things: Saadet Party's mayoral candidate for Ankara

We will not undertake crazy things: Saadet Partys mayoral candidate for Ankara
Date: 26.2.2024 12:00

Saadet Party continues its election activities in all districts of Ankara at an intense pace. Towards the local elections, the party opened the Election Headquarters Office in Sincan. Saadet Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral candidate Cafer Güneş also attended the opening and made a speech.

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Saadet Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayoral candidate Cafer Güneş attended the program of his party's Etimesgut and Sincan district organizations.
In his speech at the opening ceremony in Sincan, Güneş said that every step they take will benefit the citizens and cited Ankapark as an example. Güneş said that they would not take any crazy steps.
"We will devote 24 hours to our people. We will not commit corruption or waste. We will not do to anyone what we would not want done to us. We will plan how to use the personnel we have most efficiently. Time is very valuable, we will use it without wasting it. With Ankapark, which was built as a mistake, 1/3 of the municipal budget has been thrown away. It's a crazy project, we won't take any crazy steps, every step we take will benefit our citizens. With one wrong step taken by politicians, money will be lost and oppression will occur," Güneş said.
Güneş also criticized the changes made in the zoning laws and said, "Let's not be complicit in these mistakes. Those who change the zoning law every now and then have stray dogs all over Ankara. "Those who say I gave instructions, where are you?" he said. Güneş said, “As you know, we came to power for a short time, and that period was the period with the least debt during Erbakan Hodja's term. The biggest raise was given to retirees during this period. Farmers had experienced their most comfortable period. We did it in the government, we will do it in the municipalities too."


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