What does "updating of Islam" mean?

What does "updating of Islam" mean?
Date: 10.3.2018 17:00

We asked yesterday ... Today we ask again: What does "updating of Islam" mean?

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In Beştepe the previous day, the words of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaking in the ministry of world women's day program of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies:
Here you are looking at the last days you appear as a clergyman and unfortunately the very different statements about women are found in our religion, there is certainly not in place some of the people who appear in the ijtihat. It is not possible to understand. So they are either living in this century, living in a very different world, a different century, time. Because they are incapable enough to know that Islam needs updating. The provisions of Islam are updated. You can not apply Islam today with the provisions of the 14th century. No such thing. For him, the application of Islam today is also changed by everything, time, conditions. The beauty of Islam, the prospect is here."
"You will not scare this poor"
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attended the opening program of the 18th Semester Political Academy held in the AKP Headquarters yesterday, noted that the issue of change is a matter of centuries and said:
To deny the change is to fool yourself. Of course, there are rules and principles that never change and do not change. For example, Islam is the last religion that will never change. Nobody can play with it. The provisions that Allah has revealed to us in our Qur'an, our great book, have never changed and will not change.


The assistant secretary general of the presidency and spokesman Ibrahim Kalin made a statement from the social media account ...
Speaking after yesterday's (former day's) speech, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that some people started talking in social media, "You will not scare this poor. I will continue to tell him, "he said.
Our religion is Islam and our book The Qur'an. This means that our religion and our book are as far as it is today, and all the societies that will come as far as the doorknob from now on are the promises to say in the face of all the new situations that will arise. Their response in practice will, of course, vary according to time and circumstances. Mecelle is the kaides, that is; 'You can not deny the prosperity of the ezmân with the tagayyürü'. If we do not change the case-law, that is, if we can not be renewed appropriately according to the conditions in which we are enforced, we are only deceiving ourselves. Muslims are now constantly improving themselves."
National Opinion Leader Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan Hodja ...
In recent weeks, some expressions like "modern Muslim", "moderate Islam", "secular Islam" have been circulating because of these AKP administrators. Since then, there have been publications in the name of advocating modern Muslims.
In recent days, the following sentences have been put forward:
"All the molds must be glazed according to today's conditions. The dress of religion should be restored according to this body."
Look at these words! What you should try is actually. Shudder that should be tried:
Modern Muslim and fictitious things will be defended, not only in this age but also in the ages that go beyond the ages.


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