What does the US mean?

What does the US mean?
Date: 20.9.2019 13:00

The Allied United States is carrying out its insidious plan right in front of our eyes in Syria.

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The official Twitter account of the Joint Task Force (OIR) established under the US leadership against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, shared a photo of a US soldier and a uniformed YPG by tagging Ministry of National Defense (MSB). 
The accounts of both YPG/PYD and MSB were used side by side. In order to say "We are destroying the fortifications of YPG", the shared photo was shared in the eyes of MSB and at the same time it was kept equivalent to YPG.


Including the female militant of YPG in the photograph was considered as a reference to the female myth frequently used by YPG/PYD. 
Another issue that needs to be answered is that the US, which was backed from publishing the veils (coat of arms) of the YPG people they trained in the previous sharing, did not need this time. There are two questions in mind; The US completely threw bridges with Turkey, or Washington fulfills the necessity of an agreement not shared with the public.
Previously shared from the same account, US troops did not put YPG/PYD militants into the sky, and underlined the indispensability of YPG/PYD publicly in the photo shared by the Joint Task Force Special Forces Command's Special Ops Joint Task Force-OIR (Operation Inherent Resolve) Twitter account. 
YPG/PYD forces, which are described as “talented and reliable“ partners, were presented as the most important obstacle to DAESH in Syria. It was reported that within four months, YPG/PYD detained 225 DAESH people.


What does this photo mean after President Erdoğan's statement that they gave the US two weeks?
They remind that they will not give up on YPG / PYD, which they define as a talented and reliable partner.
They state that a process that is agreed with the US but is not known to the public is edi tapping.
Statements made by Turkey are showing that they are taking this seriously.
Ankara was taken for a new resolution process, polling, speaking about the United States received certain concessions for Turkey by the PKK, Turkey to "take the PKK, do not touch YPG," they say.
Is the US intending to pinch Mehmetçik (Turkish Troops) and YPG on the same frame next to these intermittent photos?


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