What is the Pope doing in Iraq?

What is the Pope doing in Iraq?
Date: 4.3.2021 16:00

Vatican Spokesperson Matteo Bruni gave information to the journalists who followed the Vatican before the trip with a press conference.

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Bruni said Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholics and the President of the Vatican, will be the first pope to visit Iraq. The Pope's choice of Iraq, who has not made an external 'trip' for about 16 months due to the pandemic, is being questioned.


Reminding that the Pope canceled his foreign trips in 2020 due to the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic after his visit to Thailand and Japan in November 2019, Matteo Bruni, "Because of the pandemic, there has been no outside travel for about 16 months. This trip will be the 33rd foreign trip of the Pope. For the first time in history, a pope goes to Iraq. It is also the first time that the pope is going to a predominantly Shiite country," he said.
Expressing that the trip is aimed at solidarity with the Christians in Iraq and the region, it is an opportunity for interfaith meetings and is important for the countries in the region, "Brotherhood and hope. These are two words that can help us summarize the pope's visit to Iraq," he added.
Asked why the pope did not postpone his visit at a time when Kovid-19 cases in Iraq increased, the Vatican spokesperson stated that the trip was designed to be made as soon as possible, "This trip of the Pope to Iraq is a gesture of love for that land, its people and Christians. It will be a different journey from the travels we are used to," he said.
Pope Francis will pay a comprehensive visit to Iraq on March 5-8
According to the program shared by the Vatican, the leader of the Catholics will first meet in the capital Baghdad, and then visit the cities of Najaf and Ur on March 6. The pope will also meet with Ali Al-Sistani, the highest religious authority of the Shiites in Najaf. Spokesperson Bruni also informed that the pope will meet with Yazidis during the interfaith meeting on his visit to Ur.


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