What to do in Ramadan: Recommendations

What to do in Ramadan: Recommendations
Date: 23.4.2020 13:00

The Qur'an Generation Platform issued a statement on the coming month of Ramadan; made recommendations on individual, family and collective worship.

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Before the month of Ramadan, the Qur'an Generation Platform give advises about worship that can be performed individually, with family and collectively.
"The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Qur'an is revealed, a guidance for men, and a clear proof of the right path and the separation between the truth and the wrong," said Qur'an Generation Platform Headquarters in a press release.
The Platform pointed out the importance of Ramadan by expressing the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad, who said: "The month of Ramadan is a blessed month. Allah has made you obligatory the fasting of Ramadan. When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of the heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed. There is a night in that month that is worth more than a thousand months. Whoever is deprived of the deed of that night [night of al-Qadr] is considered to be deprived of all deeds."
Ten recommendations that were put forward by the platform are as follows:
1- At least one fascicle [20-pages] of Qur'an should be read in a day
2- The obligatory [fardh] and supererogatory prayers should be performed properly.
3- Night prayers should be made a habit during Ramadan and be continued after Ramadan.
4- The life of Prophet [al-Sirat] or a fiqh book should be read to the extent that conditions and conditions allow.
6- All Muslims should phone family members, relatives, neighbors, acquaintances and colleagues on the occasion of Ramadan month and try to help and to meet their needs within the scope of possibilities.
7- Lailat al-Qadr should be observed properly.
8- Every Muslims should try to improve their skill in reading Qur'an.
9- Great importance should be given dhikr, remembrance of Allah, during Ramadan.
10- Those habits should also be maintained after Ramadan. 


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