What's the reason for the change in milk prices?

Whats the reason for the change in milk prices?
Date: 21.1.2021 13:00

While producers can only sell the milk they produce for 2 lira and 15 kuruş per liter, the same milk exceeds 8 lira until it reaches the consumer's table.

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As such, Turkey which is an agriculture and livestock country, has been obliged to import animals from many countries of the world for years.
Milk purchased for 2 lira and 15 kurus from cattle producers in Eskişehir is sold in markets for 7-8 lira.
Abdullah Türkmen said that there is a difference in both price and nutritional value between processed milk and milk purchased from the producer.
Expressing that producers suffer from milk sales, Türkmen said, "Milk is bought from us for 2 lira and 15 kurus. There is a support of 40 cents. This equates to 2 lira 55 kuruş. If we consider it as supply and demand, I am a producer and I did not have a supply. We do not know who the demand is based on. Considering that the price of a sack of feed is 120 lira, we cannot deduce the cost of 1 kilogram of feed.”


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