Winter will be harsh in the 'North'… The Kiev-Moscow line is very tense

Winter will be harsh in the North… The Kiev-Moscow line is very tense
Date: 20.1.2022 13:30

The eyes of the world turned to the renewed tension between Ukraine and Russia. This crisis, which is also closely related to Turkey, causes great uneasiness in the region.

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Even though, it has been 6 years since Crimea passed from the Ukrainian occupation to the Russian occupation, Russia's invasion effort for eastern Ukraine continues. Along with the tension with NATO, the problem between the two countries causes great uneasiness in the region.


The tension between the pro-Russian and Ukrainian troops in the Donbas, the border region in the east of Ukraine, which sometimes turned into small-scale clashes, has started to increase in recent days. While Ukraine and its Western supporters accused Russia of being a "war instigator", NATO got involved in the tension. While some NATO countries, led by the USA, accused the Kremlin of deploying tens of thousands of soldiers on the Ukrainian border and conducting hot war exercises, Russia rejected these accusations and started to make harsh statements against Ukraine and its supporters. 


When diplomatic initiatives and the meetings of the leaders did not reduce the tension, Kiev, called on especially the USA, NATO and Western countries for support. Some Western countries, where these calls for support were met, decided on military logistics assistance to Ukraine, especially in air and land defense systems. 


The crisis between Ukraine and Russia is of great interest to Turkey, which has developed relations with the two countries in many fields. While Ankara was trying to keep its relations with both countries in a balanced traffic, it offered mediation between the two countries. However, while this proposal was welcomed by Kiev, it was rejected by the Kremlin. Experts, on the other hand, noted that Russia is trying to disrupt the balance policy carried out by Turkey. 


Experts stated that Russia does not want to spoil its relations with Turkey, but does not accept that Turkey establishes relations with Ukraine. The most opposed by Russia is the sale of Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SIHA) between Turkey and Ukraine. The fact that SIHAs, which are exported to many countries of the world and provide a military advantage, are in the inventory of the Kiev army, makes Russia militarily uneasy. Russian diplomats, on the other hand, are conducting a diplomatic traffic day and night to end these sales.


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