With e-notification, 53,749 trees are saved from being cut down in one year.

With e-notification, 53,749 trees are saved from being cut down in one year.
Date: 11.1.2022 12:22

With the e-notification, which accelerates the judicial processes, saves paper and protects the nature, more than 40,000,000 messages are delivered to the addressees electronically in 2021 alone.

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While 90,335,019 messages have been sent since the application started, 53,749 trees are saved from being cut in this way. The e-notification application, which was voluntarily put into service in 2015 with the aim of more effective use of technology in the judiciary by the Ministry of Justice, is mandatory for all public institutions and organizations, private law legal entities, notaries, lawyers, mediators and experts as of 2019, within the scope of judicial reform has been made. Real and legal people who are out of necessity, can use the electronic notification voluntarily. 


With the environmentally friendly e-notification application, 40,537,177 notifications are delivered to the addressees electronically in 2021, and this number has reached 90,335,019 from the day the application started. In this way, 3,162 tons of paper is saved and 53,749 trees are protected. Savings of 1,219,000,000 Turkish Liras (TL) with e-notification so far provided. 


While the problems in sending physical notifications cause the judicial process to be prolonged, time loss is prevented thanks to the e-notification that reaches the recipient within seconds. Instant access to the notification via electronic devices also prevented the person concerned from being exposed to possible criminal proceedings. With e-notification, judicial processes are accelerated and tens of thousands of trees are protected by preventing waste of paper. Applications are made to the Turkish Post (PTT) to obtain an electronic notification address. The electronic notification addresses created, are recorded in the National Electronic Notification System (UETS). Electronic notification is deemed to be made at the end of the 5th day following the date on which the addressee reaches the electronic notification address.


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