X-ray of the liver of Istanbul analyzed

X-ray of the liver of Istanbul analyzed
Date: 8.8.2019 11:00

The damage caused by the quarries operating in Istanbul over the years was revealed with satellite images.

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The last situation of the quarries that destroyed most of the forests of Istanbul, which were the lungs of Istanbul, was viewed from the air.
The damage caused to the nature of the quarries in Göktürk, which had difficulty in breathing around, was revealed with satellite images. 
With images, how the forest was annihilated gradually over the years. 
In the images, it was observed that the works started in a small area grew over the years and a large part of the forest area around the quarries was destroyed. 
The last condition of the quarries that caused the destruction of forests was viewed from the air. 
Aerial footage drew attention to the stone quarries in lush forests. Ponds are formed in the middle and deepest parts of the quarry. 
It is stated that the explosions in the quarries disrupt the natural balance, waterways and crack cave system. 
Due to such negative effects; It is stated that it should be done in rocky areas away from settlements, forest areas, water production areas and which cannot be afforested.


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