Yesterday politics, today economy

Yesterday politics, today economy
Date: 29.9.2018 14:00

Turkey's President Erdoğan performed an official visit to Germany and met with Angela Merkel.

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Merkel after talks between the delegations met alone with Erdogan, bilateral relations at a joint press conference, said that Turkey's EU membership and discussed the issue of terrorism. Today, Erdogan will hold a large-scale meeting on economic relations with Merkel.
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who paid an official visit to Germany, met German Chancellor Angela Merkel during his working visit. Erdogan and Merkel held a head-to-head meeting after the meeting in the form of delegations at the Prime Ministry Building. After the meeting, the bilateral joint press conference was held. After more than four years, Erdogan stated that he was in Germany with the title of atı president and that he had the opportunity to consider the issues related to bilateral relations in detail. Erdogan, Merkel and tomorrow (today) in the morning to come together in political, military, economic, commercial, cultural and tourism-related issues in every field will have the opportunity to evaluate said.
Erdoğan continued his words as follows: “With the presidential government system, our country has started to reform and progress. Our reform action group has begun to take the necessary steps in this regard. We are planning to fulfill the remaining 6 criteria on visa liberalization as soon as possible.
Turkey's Erdogan pointed out that Syria initially assumed serious responsibilities on regional issues, including the crisis, "Germany's 'Syria' issues of particular would like to express my satisfaction because of the sensitivity to the human dimension. Turkey and Germany have taken responsibility for the refugee crisis in the acute phase, by revealing serious sacrifices they soften this process. We are in a common position with Germany in supporting the rules-based system for balancing the rising protectionist trade trends. 
Erdogan, on a question of what the first concrete steps on behalf of the economy between the two countries also will be thrown, made the following statement: "Tomorrow (today) calls us-Turkey economic relations point between Germany I care very much. Tomorrow we will raise our economic relations. Especially with partners in the region believe that Germany and Turkey will also exhibit a significant performance step. I believe we are complementary. Therefore, I especially thank you.
President Erdoğan thanked Merkel for his sincere statements on the question of Can Dündar not attending the press conference and said: The Turkish judiciary has already left those who need to be released without trial. In fact, he has stopped what should have been left without the need for it. But when it comes to the last person you say, you probably know that Can Dundar is an agent, he is a person who has to reveal the secrets of the state and he is sentenced to 5 years and 10 months. A person who was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months came to Germany by taking advantage of a gap. At the moment, this person is a prisoner according to the Turkish judiciary and has a conviction for 5 years and 10 months.
The coup in Turkey in his speech Merkel said they are absolutely condemned, "we have very different opinions in recent years, they state law, are issues such as press freedom," she said. "Some of the issues to reach concrete solutions has made us extremely happy," she said, "We want a stable Turkey as Germany. We want a permanent record economic growth in Turkey. We have discussed the issue of migration, Turkey displayed a remarkable performance in this regard. The issue of Idlib was discussed. In mid-October, France, Russia, Turkey, and we want a quartet summit in Germany in Idlib. We desire mutual good relations. Bir Today, Erdogan will meet Merkel at the open-ended breakfast to discuss the economic issues.


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