You used to say genocide and that's genocide!

You used to say genocide and thats genocide!
Date: 18.10.2020 15:00

Armenia which is attacking Turkey with slanders for years, does not comply with the rules of war. After its massacre last night, Armenia martyred 60 civilians in total.

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Genocide happens like this. The brutal Armenian army, which has been constantly hitting the front against Azerbaijan, is trying to bomb the civilian settlements to rage the defeat. 
The residents of the Azerbaijani city of Ganja, which have not yet been able to rid off the shock of the Armenians' bloody attack on October 11, were subjected to a more devastating second bloody attack while still asleep. 13 civilians, including 1 infant and 1 child, were martyred in the treacherous attack. Thus, the number of civilians who were martyred rose to 60.
Civil martyrs were sent off on their last journey
Civilians who were martyred in the wrecked houses in Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, where Armenia attacked with a missile, were sent off on their last journey. Father Röyal Şahnazarov, mother Züleyha Şahnazarova and their 1.5-year-old daughter Medine Şahnazorova were among those killed in the attack. In addition to three members of the same family, 4 civilians who lost their lives were sent off by their relatives in the Martyrs' Lane.
The missile, which targeted civilians while they were asleep, was fired from Armenian territory. Deputy President of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hacıyev stated that Armenia carried out its second bloody attack on civilians in Ganja with medium range ballistic missiles, also called "Elbrus" or "Scud". The city of Ganja, which has been attacked by Armenia for the second time with the Elbrus missile, is not located on the front line of Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Elbrus missile is a highly destructive weapon with a carrying capacity of 700 kilograms of explosives and a range of 300 kilometers.
Ganja, located about 60 kilometers from the borders of Armenia, has a population of 500 thousand and is the second largest city of Azerbaijan. The ballistic missile launched by Armenia towards the territory of Azerbaijan hit the apartments and houses belonging to civilians located in Hüsü Haciyev Street in the Cevathan District of Ganja at around 01:00 local time.
The missile, which formed a large-diameter pit at the point where it fell, destroyed 20 houses. As a result of the attack, all the houses on the street were destroyed. Albums, shoes, toys, henna tray and wardrobes of the children in the wreckage of the houses revealed the brutality of the attack.


Since the first attack on Ganja on 11 October, the Azerbaijani army has rescued 17 villages in Nagorno-Karabakh from occupation. According to the young citizens, Armenia takes revenge on the civilians against this progress of Azerbaijan. Kamil Abbasov, whose house was badly damaged and slightly injured in the attack, said, “They do not have the strength and ability to target our army, our soldiers. "Instead, they shoot civilians who are easy targets." "Armenia takes revenge on civilians," said Abbasov. 61 civilians have lost their lives and 280 civilians have been injured in Armenia's attacks on Azerbaijani settlements with artillery and missiles so far.


The Azerbaijani army continues its advance in the operation it started to save its lands. In the statement made by the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, it was stated that the situation in the direction of Agdere, Aghdam, Fuzuli, Hadrut and Cebrail remained tense. In the statement, it was stated that the Azerbaijani army managed to break the defense lines of the Armenian forces in different directions, and it was emphasized that the Azerbaijani soldiers captured some suitable hills and positions in the operations.


Stating that the Yerevan administration should be tried for the attack on civilians, Aliyev said, “We give their answer on the battlefield. We avenge the innocent martyrs on the battlefield and we will. We have never fought, we will not fight against civilians. We are not Armenians,” he said. 
Aliyev made the following warnings to the Yerevan administration: “Leave our lands of your own will. No power can stop us. Everyone should know this. Let Armenia get out of our land. The Armenian administration is guilty. We will punish these criminals."


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