Young minds migrate

Young minds migrate
Date: 14.1.2020 11:00

Level of prosperity in Turkey, triggering the brain drain. The government is not taking measures, young generations are going abroad. Brain drain causes a loss of 200 billion Turkish Liras in the national economy every year.

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The decrease in the level of prosperity in Turkey and the increasing youth unemployment is forcing the brain drain. Official data of 2017 253 thousand, while in 2018 323 thousand young people went abroad to loses hope from Turkey. 
The government did not take any measures related to brain drain, this number has increased every day. On the other hand, the young generations to settle abroad, the national economy is reported to cause loss of 200 billion TL each year.
The day-to-day life conditions become more difficult, unemployment increases, the economic crisis makes each day feel more and more, and it has pushed the younger generations to brain drain.
Young people in Turkey who feel helpless, are turning abroad to better plan their future. Increasing brain drain every year, according to the research conducted by TurkStat, went down to high school level. The brain drain in front of the eyes of the Turkstat ratio statistics revealed that most of the 25-29 age group of the population emigrated from Turkey. 
According to the rate of brain drain, which has been increasing continuously according to years, 253 thousand 640 in 2017 and 323 thousand 918 young people settled abroad in 2018. 
The picture that emerges, revealed that young people are desperate in the face of negative views in Turkey. Young people who complain about tensions and uncertainties in our country as well as economic problems are setting up their future plans abroad.


The decrease in the level of prosperity in Turkey, economic crisis and the brain drain of young people going abroad to unemployment statistics prepared for the grounds, causing great concern. 
The hopelessness of the young people from their countries, the guarantee of our future, causes many social and economic losses. It is stated that brain drain causes at least 200 billion TL loss every year in the national economy, and the fact that the government does not have any policies to prevent young generations from going abroad is also receiving great reaction.


Research shows that the brain drain down to the high school level in Turkey. Super-minded high school students who study in high schools after receiving the diploma turns the route abroad. Graduates of Istanbul Male High School, Galatasaray High School and German High School who complain about unemployment rates and academic education in our country prefer other countries for their university education. According to the research conducted in 2019, 52.6 percent of Istanbul Male High School graduates, 94.7 percent of German High School graduates and 32.6 percent of Galatasaray High School graduates settled abroad for academic education.


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