Young people are taught 'Yoga' in Ramadan

Young people are taught Yoga in Ramadan
Date: 21.5.2019 11:00

In the May 19 Youth and Sports Day and also in the month of Ramadan, the youth of the country is taught Yoga.

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As a kind of ritual of Hinduism and Buddhism and a form of superstition worship, which is announced by the Diyanet (Turkish Religious Affairs) as a haram, the yoga is being taught to Muslim Youth on 19 May Youth and Sports Day and in the blessed Ramadan-i Sharif.
Yoga Instructor Ece Vahapoğlu at the Istanbul Aquarium organized a yoga event with the teachings of Hindu religions as part of the 100th anniversary of Atatürk's Commemoration, Youth and Sports Festival. 
Speaking after the Yoga event, Istanbul Aquarium Executive Board Member Dilek Çapanoğlu, "We wanted to draw attention to the contribution of sports to the body, to the individual life and to the soul through the yoga event we organized on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Atatürk's Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day. Our visitors who showed participation in our yoga event that we performed in the atmosphere that calmed the human spirit of İstanbul Aquarium were very high and they were satisfied," she said.
Yoga, which is known as a teaching of Buddhism, is given on the page 72 of the book of fatwa published by the Diyanet:
In recent years, the practice of yoga centers, which have become widespread in the view of physical exercise and psychological therapy activities in our country, does not have a religious aspect and the practice of mental purification is not exactly reflecting the discourse. Because yoga in Indian religions continues to exist as a religious practice. Accordingly, it is not appropriate for a Muslim to practice yoga, knowing that it is based on the beliefs and worship of another religion.


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