Zeki Ceyhan: "A difficult period!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "A difficult period!"
Date: 19.3.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on coronavirus. Here is the full article.

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There is a difficult period due to the coronavirus that affects the whole world!
Both our health and our economy are under threat!
In this difficult period, we face an obligation to act more understanding than accusing each other.
Authorities take precautionary measures to prevent damage to the coronavirus.
And every day, our comfort of life becomes a little more difficult.
In this difficult period, we have to be much more understanding and tolerant to each other.
A "14-day" mandatory quarantine process awaits those who return to the country from their trips abroad.
Of course, no matter how perfect the quarantine conditions, it cannot provide the comfort of our own home.
That's why grunts are rising from those taken into quarantine.
Both the quarantine complainants and the students who had to leave their dormitories to quarantine are complaining!
But be aware that there is nothing to do!
In order not to face larger troubles, there is no solution other than confronting these troubles.
We know that these words are for those who have to put up with the troubles, "Drum sound sounds good from afar".
At this point, we believe it should be in trust.
And we need to approach the problem by asking ourselves, "What would we do if the authorities were in place?"
The measures taken can be unpleasant things!
But we need to know that these dislikes are necessary for our health.
It is a fact that we are under difficult conditions today.
There is no other way than to face some troubles in order not to get under more difficult conditions tomorrow.
We have to comply with the measures taken, face the troubles, and overcome this period in patience and trust.
The news we receive is not heartwarming, but in order not to hear it worse, it is necessary to endure them.
Yes, we can deal with difficult days more easily by “understanding” each other, not by “accusing” each other.
We must keep in mind that patience, trust and prayer are our strongest weapons and we must strictly follow the decisions taken.


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