Zeki Ceyhan: "An unprecedented rate hike in history!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "An unprecedented rate hike in history!"
Date: 10.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkish government. Here is the full article.

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The spokespersons of the government boast that "We have increased salaries at an unprecedented rate in history!"
In fact, they are consoling themselves!
But there is no such thing!
Yes, there are things that have increased at an unprecedented rate in our country, but it has nothing to do with the increase in the salaries of the employees!
Those who want to find out which goods have increased their prices at an "unprecedented rate" should go to the bazaar!
If they do so, they can see with their own eyes that the prices of almost all goods have risen "at an unprecedented rate".
Because the price of everything from bread to milk, from meat to fat has increased at an “unprecedented rate” in history.
In other words, the goods in the markets have been given more than the wages of the employees!
Commodities, which were increased at an unprecedented rate in history, increased so much that even the columnists close to the government began to feel the need to "draw attention to the danger".
Some wrote how much money they spent when they went to the market, while others wrote that the biggest problem waiting for the government was the economy problem. When we look at the economy, the striking point is that there is no trace of what is called price stability in the markets.
Prices are constantly increasing!
And the government can't prevent it!
Of course, economic management is a whole. Let the end of the rope escape from the hand once! The rest feels like a sock rip.
While you are focusing on one point, leakage starts from the other point.
Those who once acted with the logic of "we have money so we import straw" are now trying to prevent price increases by resetting the customs tax on pulses imports.
The measures they have taken because the end of the rope has slipped are conducive to the emergence of brand new problems.
The zeroing of customs duty on pulses products is a blow to domestic producers.
Neither egg price, chicken price, milk price nor cheese price can be controlled.
Surveys show that the number of people who think that “the country's economy is badly managed” is increasing rapidly.
Undoubtedly, the economy is poorly managed.
If the economy was managed well, would the market and market prices increase like this?


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