Zeki Ceyhan: "By saying perception operation!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "By saying perception operation!"
Date: 24.9.2021 16:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkish government. Here is the full article.

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According to the spokespersons of the government, "every criticism" made by the opposition is nothing but a "perception operation"! In other words, according to them, the government does everything very correctly and in a very beautiful way. But the opposition puts a handle on these very correct and very well done works and presents the government as if it has failed. We did not see anyone who gave the right to this thesis of the spokespersons of the government. We do not even believe that they themselves believe what they say. We think they're just talking and talking.
Do you justify this claim? Because those who save themselves from the feeling of being used to something immediately begin to speak the truth. They oppose perception operation claims by saying, “Some say things are going well, but I see and say that things are not going well.” If the spokespersons of the government could stop seeing and trying to show every criticism as a perception operation. If only they could say “we must make up for this lack of time” when faced with a criticism! Then they will get rid of making mistake after mistake. But this comb has no glands at all! They continue to think that the government does everything “very right” and “very well”. And they expect everyone to accept this, However, the son of the hand does not sit idly by. They begin to discuss the words spoken by the spokespersons of the government by putting them on the table.
As in the matter of student scholarships! While the spokespersons of the government accuse the opposition of increasing the scholarships from 45 liras to 650 liras and of carrying out a perception operation on this issue, the purchasing power of the 45 lira scholarship and today's 650 lira scholarship is starting to be compared. And it is revealed that the scholarship, which is underestimated as 45 liras, is much stronger than the 650 lira scholarship that is boasted today. Yes, the spokespersons of the government should look for ways to benefit from every criticism made instead of excluding them as "a perception operation is being carried out again". Because everything they do is far from being “very right” and “very beautiful”, most of them are “very wrong”!


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