Zeki Ceyhan: "Don't give up on your dreams but..."

Zeki Ceyhan: "Dont give up on your dreams but..."
Date: 23.5.2022 14:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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We consider President Erdogan's advice to young people to "never give up on your dreams" as an important and must-follow advice.
This advice should be a lesson to everyone!
Young people should not give up on their dreams, but they should definitely stick to our core values ​​while dreaming.
So dreams must be legitimate dreams!
Is it necessary to say that what we mean when we say legitimate dreams is to pay attention to the "halal-haram line"?
Dreams must be built with sensitivity to unfair gain!
It should not be in the form of "Oh God, halal or haram grant us what we want... Your young servant enjoy will enjoy it..."
For this reason, the principle that "accommodate oneself to circumstances" should always be remembered while dreaming.
Don't we all witness what kind of troubles happen to those who do not accommodate oneself to circumstances in daily life?
Our dreams should also be far from waste.
Waste should not find a place for itself either in our daily lives or in our dreams.
The dream of “having the greatest of everything” may not always give the right results!
With the dream of "having the biggest of everything", it may become inevitable to sign wrong works!
Yes, young people should not give up on their dreams, but while making this a principle, they should definitely consider our basic values!
Just as our basic value judgments have priority in our daily lives, this priority should also dominate our dreams.
What happens if sensitivity is not shown on this issue?
What will happen, the "moral issues" raised by experienced politician Cemil Çiçek come to the fore.
The "moral problems" mentioned by Cemil Çiçek a while ago is a very important issue on which many people agree.
While young people heed this advice, they should not neglect to review their compliance with our core values.
It should be kept in mind that the more important our dreams are, the more important our basic value judgments are.


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