Zeki Ceyhan: "Equality reform for all!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "Equality reform for all!"
Date: 11.3.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's reform process. Here is the full article.

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Our country is entering a new era!
To the reform era!
There is talk of reform in the economy.
It is said that there will be reform in the law. It is even mentioned that there will be reforms in politics.
Of course, these developments are promising.
Is it possible to make a reform like treating everyone equally in the period of reforms?
There may be those who wonder where such a reform came from.
But this is what we mean!
When opposition spokespersons are attacked with guns and sticks, will the officials stop using “reactive or personal” evaluations?
Or do evaluations like "Doomsday breaks out because three fists are waved" come to an end?
Will opposition spokespersons be subjected to such attacks and the era of exaggerating the verbal attacks that the spokespersons of power have suffered while being taken lightly is over?
We never underestimate verbal attacks, but we expect at least as much reaction to attacks with sticks.
It can be said that these are issues that fall within the scope of legal reform!
Okay, it may be covered by law reform, but it seems like a mentality reform is a must first!
That's why we talk about the reform of equal treatment.
If people accept that everyone is equal in their minds, they see each other as friends and brothers and not as enemies, we think many issues can be solved by themselves.
In other words, we say that if the politics of polarization and polarization comes to an end and if the politics of embracing each other begins, there will be no problem.
Our hope is to provide radical solutions to such problems during the reform period.
Many problems will be solved as soon as people stop looking sideways at each other.
There is no problem that can not be overcome by those who live on these lands and have equal rights.
Reform in the economy!
Reform in law!
Politics reform!
But most of all:
Mental reform!
A reform in the perspective of the pro-government and the pro-opposition to each other! This is what we need the most.


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