Zeki Ceyhan: "If we were in their position"

Zeki Ceyhan: "If we were in their position"
Date: 12.12.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's politics. Here is the full article.

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If we were in the position of AKP executives, we would try to determine how President Erdogan's accusations against his old companions were met among the party members through a public opinion poll!
We would investigate whether such accusations are approved on the party base or not liked at all!
We have not yet witnessed such accusations approved by the people who have given their hearts to the AKP among us.
Everybody is annoyed, everyone is in favor of the party staffs ending exclusionary speeches!
Why is the AKP constantly losing supporters?
Why did people used to join the AKP ranks and now nobody wants to take part in these ranks?
I guess the party base doesn't like to talk about people they've been with in this way until recently.
There is a vivid example in front of the AKP executives.
With what feature Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu leads the surveys?
Is he very skillful?
Did he do a lot of big stuff?
Very successful?
It doesn't have that kind of features, but it doesn't exclude anyone when talking.
In an atmosphere that embraces the style rather than excluding it!
We think that the style that embraces everyone does not escape the attention of people and makes itself the center of attention.
I think the AKP people still think of themselves in the old days.
Since they gained the appreciation of the people like being tough guy (Kasımpaşalılık) for a period, they still maintain the same style.
But style of showdowning, challenging and excluding everyone are no longer valid.
People got tired of being eliminated from the party they were sympathizing with and being eliminated.
Doesn't public opinion polls show this?
While the style that embraces everyone finds support, the style of exclusion and repulsion loses fans.
Yes, the AKP administration should investigate what the recent accusatory speeches of its leaders have earned and lost to the party and develop a new policy according to it.
In other words, President Erdoğan's speeches should be discussed.
In the past he has made quite a premium for the harsh and challenging style of medet should not continue to expect. It should be taken into account that more water flows under the bridges and people's perspectives change considerably.


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