Zeki Ceyhan: "Is the game spoiled?"

Zeki Ceyhan: "Is the game spoiled?"
Date: 22.10.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's policy on Syria. Here is the full article.

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'The ceasefire process is going well', the US President Trump said as he talked about a 120-hour break in operations.
Turkey's Foreign Minister Cavusoglu says that with the start of the operation they disrupted terrorist organization's game and says they hit ten birds with one stone.
It is good if the news remains with this statements! But it doesn't!
In addition to these good news, there is the news that the terrorist organization has been given the hab order not to withdraw from the region.
They say, "The fly is small but disgusting."
The news that the terrorist organization will not resist withdrawing from the region iyor is enough to confuse and even increases!
Because of this kind of news, "the game is spoiled when we say we are coming to a new game" is starting to outweigh the concern.
We are aware that it will not be a healthy approach to expect the terrorists in our region to be pulled aside with the order of US President Trump.
While some of the terrorists are being withdrawn, we have no doubt that a significant part of them will try to protect their positions!
The news from the region informs us that terrorists have left the region with ambulances and civilian vehicles, but this kind of news does not mean that all terrorists are being shot.
Therefore, we think it is too early to rejoice that "we broke the game".
We would like to say that it would be useful to be more cautious and look after 120 hours instead of ten birds were shot with one stone.
We need to be cautious because we have a dull and unstable person like Trump who we can never trust.
We need to be cautious because we have an organization that has been terrorizing the region for years.
We need to be cautious because we are at risk of falling into the position of people who get away without seeing the river in the end.
Our concern is that at the end of the 120-hour interval, expectations can turn into silence.
We think the more cautious we are, the better it will be since we have to get a job together with an uneven and unstable person.
Wouldn't it be good to avoid making too ambitious words until the results of at least 120-hour break are certain?
It should be known that a terrorist act that has been going on for years will not end in a snap because President Trump has asked for it.
It should also be remembered that there is a risk of coming into play.


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