Zeki Ceyhan: "Our door is open to everyone!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "Our door is open to everyone!"
Date: 29.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkish politics. Here is the full article.

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Our door is open to everyone!
But that doesn't mean that we follow everybody who knocks on our door! We sit down and talk about our principles with those who knock on our door! When the principles are agreed, we set out together.
If we don't get along, everyone goes on their own.
And whoever we set out with, we definitely take on the role of "locomotive". In other words, we become the "driving force" or "guiding force". We don't take on the role of wagons for the sake of a few seats. History cannot bear witness to our pursuit of someone.
Because we did not have such a policy or attitude.
If those who knock on our door respect our principles, fine! While always telling them "what we know right", we remind them of "what we find wrong".
We do not be offended by anyone.
We don't see anyone as an enemy.
We do not exclude or ignore anyone.
We have a very good principle such as "to be an engine for good and brake for evil". If we cannot be a "good engine", we will try to be "brake for evil".
The intentions of those knocking on our door are important to us.
If we really feel they need us, we act accordingly.
No, if they don't really need us or try to exploit us, then our attitude is accordingly.
It is of course important to be seated in "a set of seats" when it comes to country management.
But more important than "sitting in those seats" is our sensitivity to "principles".
If our "specific gravity" is frequently mentioned in the political market today, it is due to our commitment to our principles.
We stand by those who need our help.
We hold the hands of everyone who needs to be handled.
However, if we receive a call such as "come, let's commit suicide together", we will not hold that hand.
As we said, our principle is to be an engine for good, and breake for evil.
We see helping those who need help as being a benevolent engine.
We do not lend a hand to the call to "let's commit suicide together" to put a brake for evil.
Yes, we are an element of the political scene with the highest specific gravity and never giving up principled politics.
And we believe that sweet language is important in politics.


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