Zeki Ceyhan: "So that's the reason!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "So thats the reason!"
Date: 8.7.2020 17:30

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Istanbul convention. Here is the full article.

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As the reactions rising from the bottom about the Istanbul Convention intensify, it is understood that the supporters, who initially saw no harm in this contract, started to think differently.
While we think that they have signed such a contract without reading, the supporters appear with different reasons!
For example, they speak of a "pragmatic need" at the time the contract was prepared.
They say that such a contract has been signed between them for the sake of entering the European Union.
Supporters say that they want to join the European Union and that they are trying to tidy up for them.
They say that they are trying to give a modernized signal to those who will take them.
In other words, while we try to excuse themselves in a sense that they have signed “without reading”, they bring it to say “no have read it, we knew it, but we signed to be modernized”.
Oh this curiosity for modernization!
Oh, do not accept our own value judgments in the face of the Western judgments!
FFrom the first day, the voice of objection has been rising against this contract, which is also more conscious than the ceiling. The ceiling will never be there if such a contract that was signed as "We prevent domestic violence" did not realize how the base would destroy the family structure!
The floor objected, we did not knock, the door did not leave.
In the end, the ceiling became a little dangerous.
Then, it was accepted as a principle to investigate the subject and do whatever the people want.
Just as "duly entered, duly quit," it started to be decorated with words.
We wish that such troubles should never happen.
Prudence and forgiveness executives should take a stand against such a contract at the beginning of the work and do not worry the people of the country!
But it didn't!
We could not witness such a clairvoyance and calamity demonstration.
Now the business is trying to recover.
We wish you can get out of the contract as entered without any accident, trouble and even duly!
We hope that the interest of being included in the European Union costs us now!
And it is remembered that our real place is not within the European Union but between the Islamic world!


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