Zeki Ceyhan: "The state does what should be done"

Zeki Ceyhan: "The state does what should be done"
Date: 14.2.2019 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey latest situation. Here is the full article.

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AKP spokespersons continue to draw a long bow while opening ''regulated sales tents’’. 
And by bragging, they say, 'The state does what should be done!'.
In their minds, 'regulation sales' are initiated and 'do what is necessary' against those who arbitrarily raise the prices of 'vegetables and fruits'. 
That's how the situation when you look at the one face of the medallion! 
But what about from the other face of the medallion? 
Let's look at the photograph on the other face together. 
In a city of 15 million inhabitants, If you put a 50 regulated sales point into service, 300 thousand people fall to one regulated sales point.
What does that mean? This means that the queues will go on! 
300 thousand people have to enter the queues for this cheap fruit vegetable and move the ingredients from here to the house. 300 thousand people is not a small number! 
The population of many provinces in Anatolia, it's not even that much. 
Those can get out who believe that they can serve 300 thousand people by opening a regulated sale points. 
But this is rather than the service it is very rout and persecuted. 
Imagine that you bought fruits and vegetables from the market near your home or from the grocery store you have to receive these from the other end of the city. 
Imagine waiting in the queues with the condition that you cannot get over a certain amount.
Do you think that you have been served, or do you think you have been persecuted? Yes, the AKP have been in power for years, but still they do not have the experience. Still novices!
They think they're doing a good thing, but what they're doing is nothing but just a hoot of queues. “The state does what it needs “while talking from the upper act, they don't know the queues they create in front of the door! 
They are not satisfied with the regulate sale of vegetables and fruits but also announce that they will sell the cleaning agents also like this. 
In other words, they are like adding vegetable and fruit queues also seem to soap queues on the streets. 
Those who consume their lives in long lines, in order to buy 'two kilograms of tomatoes’; will they ask whether they want to ask account for this in the local election?  What do you think? Really, the queues that are created on the streets for whom would have beneficial?


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