Zeki Ceyhan: "They expect support from citizens!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "They expect support from citizens!"
Date: 15.2.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's ruling party. Here is the full article.

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Although there are huge projects such as "going to the moon" on the agenda of the government, the most important issue on the agenda of the citizen continues to be "the cost of living".
The most important indicator of the cost of living is “exorbitant price” increases! With regard to the "exorbitant prices" faced by the citizen markets, they hope the authorities to act and do something.
For this, they are waiting for the authorities to act.
The authorities, who are expected to do something, declare that they expect support from citizens in the fight against exorbitant prices by throwing the ball back to the citizens.
For this, they want an application to be downloaded to their mobile phones and to be notified immediately where there is an exorbitant price increase.
As if the exorbitant price increase was something hidden!
As if it is done on the shore and the authorities are not aware of it!
If they get up from their offices and go to the nearest market, they will see the exorbitant price increases with their own eyes.
But obviously they must be lazy even to that.
And they demand from citizens to be notified immediately of exorbitant price increases.
When it comes to "exorbitant price increase", of course, the first thing that comes to mind is "chain markets".
“Chain markets” have become such a problem that the authorities do not know how to handle it.
Chain markets hurt the producers while buying, and they take the consumers' breath away while selling them. Turkey has already become a toy in the hands of 25-30 thousand chain stores.
Before chain markets became so widespread, they were shown as a solution against grocery shopkeepers who sell expensive goods.
However, in the end, it was seen that the chain markets were places where exorbitant prices were charged, not cheapness as expected.
Look, those who wrote "Retail at wholesale price" under their names written at the top of the markets until yesterday do not think it is necessary to say such a thing anymore.
And they write their names directly on the top of the markets. With chain markets, first the grocery store, that is small shopkeepers, was hurt, and now Fatiha is about to be read to the soul of the citizen! Instead of waiting for support from citizens to combat the exorbitant price, if everyone does their duty, there will be no problem.
But this is the custom of this administration! Even in the fight against the corona epidemic, did they not give an IBAN number to those who would support the citizens and ask for help themselves?
How to avoid exorbitant prices with this mindset?


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