Zeki Ceyhan: "Wasn't it always like this!"

Zeki Ceyhan: "Wasnt it always like this!"
Date: 25.1.2021 17:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Turkey's US relations. Here is the full article.

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It began to be written in the Western press that US President Trump was "moody and unstable" when he had to hand over the post to Biden.
The New York Times detected! 
The newspaper talks with the names in the White House and evaluates the decisions that Trump has taken, making the judgment that Trump was "grumpy and unstable" in his last days!
When we read this review of The New York Times, we can't help but say, "What the last days, it has been like that since the first day!"
Indeed, Trump has gone down in history as the "most worthy name" to the "most unstable" and "most moody" definitions among US presidents ever.
Let's say we're wrong or exaggerating!
Well, do you remember Trump's balance?
Wasn't he a madman from the first day he took office, who spoke loudly about everything that came to his mind, was not he?
That's why he could not be elected as the "second term president"!
As far as we remember, presidents elected in the USA are generally elected for the second term and leave this post to someone else after two terms.
Trump saw the second term as a "pie" and seemed very confident that he would be reelected.
But the account at home did not fit the market, or the account in Trump head did not fit the US voter and had to settle for a single term.
Perhaps with a sassy from wealth, Trump has always managed to be distasteful!
Even those closest to him have come to shake his collar.
We have ruled from afar that Trump is "unsteady and unbalanced" and we have always expressed this in our articles. In other words, the diagnosis that we have made from afar is only just being made by the Western press.
And Trump's imbalance is once again registered.
Material has already been prepared for those who will write about the US presidential history in the future.
God knows, when talking about Trump, he will start by saying "He was the most moody and most unstable president of the USA".
Isn't it obvious that a balanced president cannot emerge from a person whose husband even tries to keep a fair distance from him?
Undoubtedly, if the Western press could approach the event with a more neutral-objective eye, it would have noticed the imbalance and morale long before.
In other words, Trump is the name to be remembered as an unstable and moody president not only in the last days but since the first day he took office!


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