Zeki Ceyhan: "What happens to the winners?"

Zeki Ceyhan: "What happens to the winners?"
Date: 31.7.2023 15:00

Milli Gazete columnist Zeki Ceyhan writes on Türkiye's ruling party AKP. Here is the full article.

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The ruling party AKP, as well as the main opposition party CHP, is very confused, and discussions cannot be avoided!
We understand the confusion in the main opposition party CHP, which lost the elections, but we find it difficult to make sense of the developments in the ruling party AKP, which won the elections.
I wonder what would have happened if they had lost the elections, since there was such a cracking voice even though they won the elections?
If they had lost the election, they would probably be in conflict with each other today!
We see that until yesterday, those who said, "My God, take my life and give it to the Reis", have raised a flag against the hikes.
And they revolt, "enough is enough".
They rebel like this, but those in power do not stay silent.
At the same time, arms are rolled up to expel those who speak like this from the party, and some unions are appointed trustees by taking steps that make one say that such a coincidence is rare.
Appointing a trustee may have nothing to do with unfurling a flag saying "enough is enough", but when the two events come together, such question marks inevitably arise in one's mind.
In other words, those who did everything they could to support the government until yesterday and are known as trolls in the public are making heavy criticisms against the government today.
A raise on everything, a raise every day must be driving these people crazy!
Those who open their eyes to a new day with a raise, close their eyes at the end of the day with a new raise.
This obligation must lead them to criticize the government they have been standing behind so far.
We are afraid that those who made expulsion decisions about the party members who said "enough is enough" and made them resign, now roll up their sleeves for the expulsion of the trolls!
And by separating them from among them, they create an environment according to their minds.
Yes, nothing could be more natural than a disagreement within the CHP, the main opposition party that lost the election.
But it is not possible to make sense of the disagreements within the ruling party AKP, which won the elections.
What can't they share? Could it be that they fell so much for each other just because of the raises?
Or are there other issues of disagreement that we are not aware of or yet to realize?
It's really incomprehensible that they mess with each other so much when they can enjoy winning the election now.


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